Our Solution for Medication Management

Accuracy in Packing

Think Pharmacy utilises a state of the art automated medication packing system with unsurpassed accuracy. All medication is machine packed into easy-to-tear packettes in a TGA licensed facility.  These packettes are portable and easy to store, as well as dated and timed for when each resident needs to take them. Each packette holds up to 10 medications, minimising the risk of missed mediations at the dosing time.

This fully comprehensive medication management system reduces medication administration time and mitigates medication errors, creating the best health outcomes for residents.

The following systems are also available to facilities to deliver a fully integrated health solution to ensure the highest level of accuracy and care is maintained.

The IT Solution

A cutting edge IT platform is available to facilities to enable instant and accurate communication between authorised facility staff, nurses, doctors and the pharmacy.  The system is internet based and accessed over a secure private network, so therefore there are no software expenses. Nurses, doctors and pharmacists can use the IT Platform securely, to:

•    Maintain resident information
•    Order from the pharmacy
•    Communicate resident information
•    View drug information and more

 Our Charting Solution

The comprehensive charting system has been designed to ensure an identical match between the packaged medicines and a resident’s medication chart, further enhancing the QUM (Quality Use of Medicines). The charts are colour printed and have been designed through collaboration with client aged care facilities to ensure that needs are met and exceeded, including:

•    Both generic and medication brand names
•    Dosing times that are time-tabbed for greater clarity and ease of use
•    Suitability for use by all levels of facility staff, form registered nurses to personal care staff

The Paperless Solution – Electronic Charts

The electronic charting system is a portable application which provides health care professionals with real-time, electronic access to a resident’s medication records at the time of dosing. This system has improved accuracy and efficiency by simplifying and automating processes, freeing up more time for facility staff to focus on resident care