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Introducing Ivermectin for Respiratory Infections

We have started distributing Ivermectin, a medication that has recently been shown to be useful in treating respiratory infections like those brought on by SARS-CoV-2, as part of our efforts to promote public health. For more details about Ivermectin in Australia, see our most recent blog article.

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We are pleased to announce that Think Pharmacy Group has aligned with leading Australian community pharmacy and medical brands such as Discount Drug Stores, Amcal Plus, MediSupplyWarehouse, and PharmaSave. We have also started an initiative to help those in need with the drug Ivermectin which has been shown in recent months to be highly effective in treating respiratory infections, including those caused by SARS-COV-2. For more information on Ivermectin in Australia, please see our recent blog post on the topic.

We believe that the competitive pricing and extensive range of products and healthcare services that the brands offer will provide excellent value for our customers and enhance the quality of services already being provided by our pharmacies. Each brand also produces regular catalogues of additional savings that will also be made available to our customers.

We have also been working on many new initiatives with our Think Medication Management services as well as our extended retail offering that will be implemented throughout the coming years, beyond 2020. These changes are part of our ongoing mission to offer a comprehensive approach to healthcare by helping the community’s overall health and quality of life through a higher level of customer service and access to an extensive range of products and services direct from our medical supplies warehouse to you.

Integration of the brands into our pharmacies has already commenced with a number of pharmacies having rebranded over the last few years. The Think Pharmacy website will now be operating as MediSupply Warehouse, a bulk medical supplies wholesale distribution company.

At MediSupply Warehouse, we boast of being reliable, trusted suppliers of quality medical products. Since we started operating back in 2011, we’ve helped thousands of organisations access quality medical products. We pride ourselves in being one of the companies that helped in combating the 2020 pandemic.

During the first wave of the outbreak, our team played a critical in ensuring that our customers across the world accessed medical products on time. This has helped to reduce the infection rate in most countries because of the availability of protective gear. We’ve made a strong foothold in the wholesale global distribution market because of the quality and reliability of our services and products.

We aim at maintaining the highest standards in all the medical products that we deliver. We have also ensured that our supply chain is including everyone in the market. That’s why we are selling to large buyers of medical supplies, retails chains, hospitals and resellers. We now deliver orders to your doorstep or any designated point.

During the pandemic, transport logistics were greatly affected. Our team has devised strategic ways whereby orders were processed and delivered within the shortest time possible. Our team is always ready to ensure that our customers are getting timely supplies to combat the situation as we did during the first wave. We’ve collated the best logistics possible to ensure fast order deliveries.

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At MediSupplyWarehouse / Think Pharmacy, we deal with all quantities of medical products. It doesn’t matter the size of the order you have placed because of our capacity to deliver. Whether you want a supply of more than 1 million sets of surgical gloves, or as few as 100,000, we will put together the order within a very short time and deliver it within the agreed timelines. This includes all the required certifications and paperwork to have the ordered imported into your country.

We deal with a vast range of medical products. Whether you are looking for face masks, surgical gloves, protective clothing and so on, we have everything you need. During this time of global panic, you can trust us with all your medical product needs. Our goal is to provide quality, reliable medical products at an affordable cost.

If you are wondering what kind of medical products you can get from us, here is a shortlist of the main products that we deal with for wholesale clients.

Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves

Nitrile gloves have become popular because of the many benefits they offer over other types of gloves such as latex. One of the biggest benefits is the lack of latex allergies. Nitrile, a synthetic rubber fabric, does not have latex protein that causes allergic reactions. This makes it the ideal type of medical and examination gloves since anyone can wear them without worrying about a reaction.

At MediSupply Warehouse, we supply a vast range for certified nitrile medical exam gloves brands. These are some of the brands you can buy from us:

Top Glove

Top Glove is a leading manufacturer of 100% synthetic nitrile fabric. The Malaysian-based company manufactures powder-free, quality medical and exam nitrile gloves. The white gloves conform to EN 455 standard and manufactured under QSR (GMP), ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 quality management system. Top Gloves are available in various sizes including 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, and 9.0. They are FDA approved and chemotherapy tested.

Sri Trang

Sri Trang is a Thailand-based company that has been producing nitrile gloves. The company’s Sense nitrile Glove is one of the most popular products in the market. Their gloves are EN455 and ASTM D6319 compliance and certified Category III PPE. Sri Trang nitrile gloves have been tested for resistance to selective chemotherapy drugs and chemicals. They are good for surgical and examination use. Contact us today to find out more about Sri Trang Sense Nitrile Glove.


Cranberry is a US-based company that has been producing medical products, including gloves. The company has some of the best quality nitrile gloves. They offer a vast range of powder-free nitrile gloves products including Evolve, Contour, Transcend and Xlim. Cranberry nitrile gloves conform to EN 455 standards and are FDA approved.


Hartelega is another Malaysian brand that’s doing very well in the market because of their excellent quality of glove. Their powder-free nitrile gloves come in a range of thickness for various medical uses. Whether you are looking for medical, dental, chemotherapy drugs, veterinary or food-handling nitrile gloves, Hartelega have something for you. Contact MediSupply Warehouse today to ensure your supply of any Hartelega glove including their popular Coats nitrile gloves.


Kimberly Clark is an American-based company that produces a range of medical products. They produce a range of nitrile groves using innovative gloves’ manufacturing technology to deliver comfortable and affordable gloves. You have a variety of these gloves to select from KC500, KC300, and KC100. Kimberley nitrile gloves conform to EN 455 standards and are FDA approved.

Cardinal Health

Cardinal health is another American multinational company manufacturing pharmaceutical and medical products. Among the many medical products that the company manufactures are gloves. The company boasts of over 50 years of glove experience. They have top quality surgical, exam and clean-room nitrile gloves. Their products are ISO certified, and FDA approved.


Stark is another brand of nitrile grove that we stock. The manufacturer has been around for some years producing high-quality nitrile. They have varieties of gloves available for surgical and examination use. Stark nitrile gloves conform to EN 455; ISO certified and FDA approved. Contact us today for more information on Stark nitrile gloves.


VGlove is another brand of nitrile medical exam glove that you can get from us. The Vietnam-based company produces some of the best quality, 100% nitrile powder-free gloves. VGlove gloves Conform to ASTM D6319 and are FDA approved. They are manufactured under ISO9001: 2008, ISO 13485:2003. ISO 22000:2005 quality management system.


G4Tec also produce some of the best quality nitrile gloves in the market. The company has factories in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Their powder-free gloves have been very helpful to millions of people across the world during the viral pandemic. Their gloves are ISO and FAD approved.


Skymed Healthcare is a leader in the glove manufacturing industry. Their gloves Conform to ASTM D3578-01, and FDA510 (k) approved. The powder-free nitrile gloves also conform to EN 455 part 1-3 standard. You can contact us for all Skymed surgical gloves and other products.


Ansell Healthcare is another world-leading manufacturer of superior medical products. The US-based company’s powder-free nitrile gloves used for surgical and examination purposes. Ansell groves are FDA approved and conform for EN455 standard. They have surgical nitrite gloves medical use as well as for food handling, drugs handling and other uses. You can buy Ansell’s Edge 300 gloves and other varieties from us.

Paul Hartmann AG

Paul Hartmann AG is a German-based company manufacturing high-quality nitrile gloves for medical, examination and other uses. They provide the market with comfortable and affordable powder-free nitrile gloves. Paul Hartmann AG gloves are FDA approved and conform to European Standard EN 455. We stock all the nitrile glove products, including their Peha-soft nitrile gloves.


Medline Industries Inch has been producing some of the best quality nitrile gloves. The US-based company has some of the best surgical and examination nitrile gloves. The gloves meet Meet both ASTM D6978-05 and USP 800 Personal Protection Equipment requirement. They are also FDA approved. We stock all the major Medline nitrile gloves products including Woodlands, Fitguard, SensiCare and others.

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves have been around for many years and continue to be used in large numbers across various industries, including the medical field. They are non-allergenic and offers effective barrier protection. In normal conditions such as handling medical supplies and other light examination, vinyl gloves offer good protection against viruses and pathogens.

The low cost of vinyl gloves compared to other gloves alternatives is the reason why they are popular in the market. If you are looking for good quality disposable gloves for light tasks, we have all the major brands of vinyl gloves in the market, including Ansell, Cardinal, Cranberry and many others.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are some of the most widely used disposable gloves in the market today. These gloves are made from the natural rubber material. There are many reasons why latex gloves are among the most popular in the medical field for surgery and examination. Latex gloves represent a resistant physical barrier that helps to protect the doctors and nurses from infectious and pathological fluids.

Latex gloves are also used to protect the user from chemical and specimens in the laboratory among many other uses. At mediSupply Warehouse, we supply all brands of latex gloves, including Happy Hands Gloves, Top gloves, Skymed and G4Tec, among others. Contact us today for quick order delivery.

Surgical Face Masks

There is no other time in the history of the universe have face masks been used as during the pandemic. Probably, every person across the globe used face masks more than once in 2020. At MediSupply Warehouse, we have been at the centre of it supplying 3-ply medical face masks to various parts of the works. All the masks we supply are medical grade and made with antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial materials. So quality protection is a guarantee. We offer express shipping for all wholesale orders to all parts of the world. Contact us today to order any of the major brands in the market.

N95 / KN95 / FFP2 Face Masks

These types of face masks are rated premium because of their improved features compared to the typical masks. N95 are tight-fitting face masks that can filter out more than 95% of the microscopic particles in the air. They offer protection against dust, viruses, pathogens and bacteria. They are highly recommended for health workers. N95 and KN95 are the same and have the features only that the latter is rated using Chinese standards for respiratory mask while the former is US standards. Similarly, the FFP2 is the same as the two only that it’s rated using the Europeans standards. So, the three types of face masks are all almost the same, just different ratings for different areas of the world.

IR Body Temperature Thermometer

The IR body temperature thermometers have become increasingly popular in 2020. Earlier, they were only used in hospitals. Unlike the typical thermometers, these thermometers have a built-in infrared laser pointer that measures body temperature without physical contact. That’s why they have been useful during the outbreak. The device should be between 3cm and 5cm away from your forehead for accurate measurement. We have all the major brands of infrared body temperature thermometers. Contact us for all FDA approved IR body temperature thermometers.

Facial Protective Shield

Facial shields are very crucial for medical workers working in high contact situations. A good example is the medical working taking care of sick patients. If you are working in labs that deal with highly infectious specimens or dangerous chemicals, then you need facial shields for protection. They work great together with face masks. We are supplying quality, strong and flexible plastic facial shields from reputable brands. Our team will deliver your order at your place of choice, including your doorstep.

Medical Protective Clothes

Medical protection clothes are very crucial when it comes dealing with highly contagious diseases. They are also good for conditions where the risk of contracting deadly chemicals, viruses or bacteria is very high. A good example is laboratories and drug stores. The quality of medical protective clothes is crucial to ensure proper protection. At MediSupply Warehouse, we have some of the best quality medical protective clothes. Feel free to contact us because we deliver orders in all parts of the world.

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