Medicine in Demand: Ivermectin


Ivermectin, also known as Stromectol, is an anti-parasite medication used in humans and animals. It is a derivative of avermectin, which was developed in the 1970s to combat parasites that cause river blindness, elephantiasis, and other diseases.

The drug kills macroparasites (such as heartworm) by blocking nerve signals from the brain. In 2012 alone, ivermectin prevented about 47 million cases of river blindness.

Ivermectin in Australia

In Australia, Ivermectin previously could be purchased over the counter from chemists without a prescription, from online pharmacies that ship to Australia, or from veterinary stores for use on stock animals or domestic pets.

The medicine was openly sold to the public and used openly for decades, since the 1970s in fact, with almost no side effects and zero interactions with other drugs. It has been so effective and safe to use, it was placed on the WHO’s List of the World’s Most Essential Medicines, and the discoverers of it received the Nobel Prize for their incredible work developing it, in 2015.

Ivermectin and Covid

Ivermectin has seen a huge surge in demand as more and more doctors successfully treat their patients on the front line with the medicine. As more and more people follow the guidance of the FLCCC and hundreds of other doctors around the globe who are speaking out about the efficacy of the drug in combating coronaviruses, many have shunned the mainstream medical narrative, choosing to take Ivermectin instead of controversial injections.

Due to the same nature of the drug, even though millions are currently self-medicating without complications. Doctors state that IF someone does react badly to Ivermectin it is almost always the result to a large number of internal parasites dying off at the same time, causing the body to go into shock.

With billions of doses of Stromectol having been given out by doctors around the world over the past 40+ years, we know the Ivermectin is very safe to consume with very few negative side effects reported in patients. It seems that much of the general population now feels the same as demand for the drug has gone through the roof in recent months.

Is a Prescription Required?

Previously in Australia, no prescription was previously required to purchase Ivermectin. This is because it was not classified as a prescription drug and was very safe to use with very few reports of side effects.

Since 2020 however, as soon as doctor’s started reporting on how Ivermectin was helping in the fight against covid, there was an attack on the medicine by the media and governments around the world; pushed by the vaccine companies who profit from people not using Ivermectin or knowing about its efficacy in the battle against coronavirus.

Due the lobbying and under-the-table deals, many health authorities openly criticised Ivermectin, making up anecdotal reasons or even blatant lies to warp the perception of this medicine, in the eyes of the public. This effort was highlighted by Joe Rogan when he interviewed CNN’s Sanjay Gupta who couldn’t defend the lies of his media company.

Despite their lies being exposed, the WHO, CDC and other global health organisations cannot openly admit that Stromectol works, otherwise, the Emergency Use Act that allows vaccines to be administered must be withdrawn. Because there is so much money being passed around to push this agenda, the use of Ivermectin will never be publicly sanctioned by these entities.

Due to pressure and financial incentives, Ivermectin in Australia was withdrawn from public sale and is now prescription only. Pressure is being put on doctors as well to not prescribe the drug, and some pharmacists are even not filling scripts from doctors who prescribe it. This has pushed people to purchase Ivermectin online, from overseas pharmacies.

Does Stromectol Actually Work?

If you’re still unsure as to whether or not Ivermectin works, you could ask the members of US Congress who are treating themselves with it, despite still not openly discussing its benefits or promoting its use.

It seems they believe it works, but aren’t able to say so publicly.